How I Chose WordPress. Part 1

Finally my blog is up. It took me ages to start it. OK, it’s not only a blog but also a small CV/portfolio kind of site. And setting it up wasn’t quite as easy as I has hoped.

I’ve tried a few content management systems lately and I am very much disappointed! Most of the option I tried are advertised to work out of the box…

Out of the box my a**

OK. Let’s point one thing out. I have been trying to install all of my CMS of choice using Microsoft’s Web Platform Installer. Maybe it would have been different, had I just downloaded the files and tried installing manually. That I do not know. Still my impression is, CMS platforms for .NET simply don’t work as expected. At least not those I chose.

In the next posts I will be sharing my thoughts and problems with my chosen and failed options:

  • Umbraco CMS
  • Kentico CMS
  • n2 CMS
  • DotNetNuke Community Edition
  • Composite C1
  • WordPress

Please note once again. I tried installing each of the above using the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. And failed. Eventually I downloaded WordPress, set up a MySQL databse according to the 5-minute installation tutorial and voila!! It simply works. Maybe except the need to manually set up directory write permissions but that was easy ;)

Thank you WordPress!