Solitary Event Storming to Discover Application Domain

Inspired by recent training sessions on DRUG Software Craftmanship and another on the following week on DDD Wro meetup I decided that it would be best for me to explore the domain by conducting a solitary event storming.

I took a stack of small post-its for marking book pages and a document folder to stick them ont. At first I wasn’t very much convinced that it was such a good idea. For one, the application is seemingly just simple CRUD but quickly storming through some events that came to my mind confirmed that there may be more complexity that meets the eye. Also some events helped me discover possible aggregate roots and entities and relationships between them.

events on small post-its

  • Datasheet added for classification

    It is easy to think about vehicles as a whole and keep them in the database as such. However due to the variety of makes and models I decided that it will be better to keep technical details as a separate entity.

  • Datasheet added to Vehicle
  • Datasheet moved between Vehicles

    This way it will be easier to treat a Vehicle as the sum of its Datasheets and if necessary any Vehicle it would be possible to split a vehicle in two

  • Datasheet Source added

    Given my brochure and book collection I want to keep track of where the Datasheet comes from. Sources would also have to include simple link for example to wikipedia.

  • Engine extracted from Datasheet
  • Gearbox extracted from Datasheet

    Datasheets often contain additional structured information about internal components like engine, gearbox and axles. I would like to be able to keep a separate structured representation and not only textual description

  • Vehicle created
  • Vehicle marked as defunct

    I’m unsure about this one. It should be possible to infer that information from production end date. However that may not always be available, so maybe there is some merit.

  • Added external link to Vehicle/Manufacturer/Brand
  • Brand created
  • Manufacturer created
  • Manufacturer Merger added

    Lastly there is Manufacturer and Brand. The distinction is important, because a Manufacturer can own multiple brands (for example FAP, which produced under own brand and marketed some buses under the Sanos name) and it is even possible that same brand name is used by different manufacturers (such Ikarus from Hungary and Ikarbus, which used the name Ikarus for some time)

  • Manufacturer Transformation added

    Also it is not uncommon for a brand to close and continue under a different name. This is the case for example with Britain’s Optare, which for a time operated as NABI

  • Vehicles grouped as Series
  • Vehicle hierarchy changed
  • Relationship between Vehicles created

    Vehicles can form simple hierarchies and series, such as subsequent modernizations of a specific model, but also more complex relations are possible. For example a city bus can be tha basis for a twin trolleybus. Compare Solaris Urbino 12 and Solaris Trollino 12

  • Influential Person added to Manufacturer
  • Interesting Fact/Date added

    These are relatively unrelated to the core concepts.

  • Manufacturer marked as defunct

    Finally this one I never thought about before. This is similar to marking a Vehicle as no longer in production


I was pleasantly surprised with even a solo event storming. It helped me look at a slightly different angle on the problem space and determine some domain object boundaries and possible functionalities. I will definitely do that again in this or other projects.

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